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Hero’s Pride ® AirTek ® radio holders are designed to be the lightest, most comfortable, and most durable radio holders you’ll ever put on your duty belt.

Our radio holders are designed to fit most handheld radios and feature adjustable straps for perfect radio positioning and easy removal.

From the essential AirTek Universal Radio Holder, to the AirTek Deluxe Radio Holder with Swivel, our line of duty belt radio carriers will fit your radio, your uniform, and your hard-working style.

The AirTek line of radio holders is scratch resistant and impervious to tears. It is UV fade resistant and resistant to bloodborne pathogens, including Hep B, Hep C, and HIV.

These radio holders are crafted with our specialized 33E HP finish and 100% genuine leather to provide lightweight comfort, scratch resistance and durability. 

Why Should You Choose the Best Radio Holder?

Modern law enforcement radios are among the most important and costly pieces of police equipment, allowing for quick communication when it is required.

The largest police and sheriff departments use Hero’s Pride radio holders to protect their radios. Hero’s Pride AirTek line of radio carriers, unlike other brands, do not sag, tear, or show scratches, providing the officer with years of durability, security, aesthetics.

Most popular radio models, including the new Motorola APX 6000, are accommodated by our swivel and universal radio holder styles.


AirTek Leather Epaulet Shoulder Mic Holder

SKU: 1516Hero's Pride

MSRP: $12.31 $12.31 - $14.49



AirTek Universal Radio Holder

SKU: 1442Hero's Pride

MSRP: $37.05 $37.05 - $39.49



AirTek Deluxe Radio Holder with Swivel

SKU: 1440Hero's Pride

MSRP: $50.38 $50.38 - $54.49



Swivel Mount, HP Radio Holder #1440, AirTek (Extra/Spare)

SKU: 1297Hero's Pride

MSRP: $7.95 $7.95 - $11.69