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The primary purpose of a tourniquet is to stop life-threatening external bleeding caused by traumatic events, like a car or motorcycle accident, or a gunshot wound.

Tourniquets, along with other bleeding control methods, are commonly used by first responders, including law enforcement, today. Tourniquets are useful because it is difficult to maintain consistent pressure for an extended period of time using simple pressure; tourniquets also avoid disrupting a forming clot and allow for safer patient transport.

More importantly, law enforcement officers should always carry at least one tourniquet with them. Multiple tourniquets can address situations where multiple trauma victims require tourniquet care. Law enforcement officers and private security officers should carry at least one tourniquet that allows for one-hand operation, if they are isolated and need to apply a tourniquet on themselves.

What is a tourniquet?

A device that is wrapped tightly around a leg or an arm to prevent blood flow to the leg or arm for an extended period of time. When drawing blood or stopping bleeding after an injury, a tourniquet may be used. When no tourniquet is available, one can fashioned with a strip of cloth or rubber band, but it is recommended that a tourniquet be carried with personnel who operate in tactical or high-risk situations.

What is the purpose of tourniquet?

The primary purpose of a tourniquet is to stop external bleeding that could, if uncontrolled, result in the patient’s death.

How do you use a tourniquet?

Step by step instructions should be followed, for proper and safe application of a tourniquet. This article describes how to apply a tourniquet.

How long can a tourniquet stay on?

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the maximum time a tourniquet can be used before complications arise. The general conclusion is that a tourniquet can be left in place for two hours without causing permanent ischaemic injury.


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