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Duty Gear

It’s simple, really. We just listened to you. Duty gear should be made lightweight, it should wear comfortably, and it should stay securely in place. Plus, why not make it durable enough to last and to stay looking great?

Consider It Done! We’ll have an option that works for you…because it’s made for you.

See why we are the fastest-growing brand in Law Enforcement

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Hero's Pride AIRTEK Baton Holder

Open design  for fast and easy access

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Molded construction for equipment secure-fit

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Available in Plain and Basket Weave

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Airtek Duty Gear

AIRTEK: Lightweight Comfort. Scratch Resistant.

Back pain is a problem for more than 60% of police officers. Duty Belts have been cited as the #1 reason for back discomfort among police officers.

That is why we developed AIRTEK®: innovative, lightweight, and comfortable duty gear that does not compromise on durability or professional appearance.

The exterior of AIRTEK gear looks just like real leather—and actually stays looking nice longer—due to our proprietary scratch-resistant skin. High-wear areas and straps are equipped with a genuine leather interior to ensure long-lasting durability.

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AirTek Basix Rugged Belt 2″ Belt Buckle, 2 x 2″

SKU: 1294Hero's Pride

MSRP: $9.39 $9.69



AirTek Basix Rugged Hook Lined Duty Belt, 2.25″

SKU: 1229Hero's Pride

MSRP: $55.64 $58.99 - $64.99



Airtek Basix Rugged Hook-Lined Duty Belt (2″)

SKU: 1228Hero's Pride

MSRP: $55.64 $55.64 - $66.99



AirTek C-Cell Light Holder

SKU: 1493Hero's Pride

MSRP: $13.59 $13.59 - $15.49


Hero's Pride Duty Gear Ballistic Rig Assembled

“I found the equipment to be very comfortable and lighter than my normal duty gear. The duty belt seemed to mold to my waist and stay in place. So far the equipment has exceeded my expectations and like it better than my regular duty gear.”

Police Officer, Saint Weatherford P.D.

Ballistic Duty Gear

BALLISTIC: Crafted Comfort. Superior Strength.

Hero’s Pride Ballistic Nylon Duty Gear is flexible to the body and abrasion-resistant so you feel good and look good.

Ballistic’s lightweight design allows for comfortable movement. Crafted with 1680 denier nylon, its multi-layer webbed construction and military-grade snaps provide long lasting durability and reliable performance. Cases and holders are designed with molded form to ensure secure equipment fit with quick and quiet in/out access.

Our large selection and deep inventory mean that we have what you need when you need it.

Reinforced stitching for long lasting durability 1 of 3 Military grade DOT® snaps keep flap firmly in place 2 of 3

Wide slots on backing for easy attachment to 2.25” duty belt

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Ballistic Alarm Case, (Fits 2-1/4″ Belt)

SKU: 1111Hero's Pride

MSRP: $26.09 $26.89



Ballistic Closed Double Magazine Case (Fits 2-1/4″ Belt)

SKU: 103Hero's Pride

MSRP: $29.59 $29.59 - $33.29



Ballistic Closed Flashlight Case (Fits 2-1/4″ Belt)

SKU: 106Hero's Pride

MSRP: $21.21 $21.21 - $25.49


Hero’s Pride is the industry standard for custom patches.

Duty Gear

Designed for Law Enforcement

Hero’s Pride® offers innovative lines of duty gear exclusively designed for law enforcement officers and security professionals. We set out to address the common issues associated with most traditional duty gear: lack of comfort and durability.

However, we knew we wouldn’t be satisfied until we could understand—in detail—the on-duty and real-world effects these issues created. For us, there was only one way to gain this insight: we listened to our customers, dealers, and partner experts.

As a result of our research, including on-duty ride alongs and extensive product testing, we developed duty gear products that alleviate lower back pain and discomfort by making every part of the rig lighter. We also prioritized longevity of performance, making a product line that’s built to last without the need for costly gear replacement.  Most importantly, our gear gives law enforcement officers and security professionals guaranteed consistency and allows them to rely on the tools they need to keep them safe.

Your Safety is Our Mission

Hero’s Pride® is a duty gear and uniform accessories manufacturer for our law, enforcement and military.

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