AIRTEK: Lightweight Comfort. Scratch Resistant.

Airtek Duty Gear line

Hero’s Pride® AirTek® duty gear is engineered with our specialized 33E HP technology to provide exterior scratch resistance and lightweight comfort. It is constructed with a multilayer concentration process to deliver long lasting durability.

The lightest, most comfortable, most durable duty gear on the market

AIRTEK: Lightweight Comfort. Scratch Resistant.

Spec'd in by Law Enforcement Departments Across the U.S.

Hero's Pride lightweight AIRTEK duty gear

Let Us Lighten Your Load

Back pain is a problem for more than 60% of police officers. Duty Belts have been cited as the #1 reason for back discomfort among police officers. That is why we developed AirTek®: innovative, lightweight, and comfortable duty gear that does not compromise on durability or professional appearance.

The exterior of AirTek gear looks just like real leather—and actually stays looking nice longer—due to our proprietary scratch-resistant skin. High-wear areas and straps are equipped with a genuine leather interior to ensure long-lasting durability.

Airtek Duty Gear

Premium Comfort

  • 30% lighter than the common leather belt
  • Crafted design molds to the body
  • 100% genuine leather for interior and high stress areas

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AirTek Basix Rugged Belt 2″ Belt Buckle, 2 x 2″

SKU: 1294Hero's Pride

MSRP: $9.39 $9.69



AirTek Basix Rugged Hook Lined Duty Belt, 2.25″

SKU: 1229Hero's Pride

MSRP: $55.64 $58.99 - $64.99



Airtek Basix Rugged Hook-Lined Duty Belt (2″)

SKU: 1228Hero's Pride

MSRP: $55.64 $55.64 - $66.99



AirTek C-Cell Light Holder

SKU: 1493Hero's Pride

MSRP: $13.59 $13.59 - $15.49


“Great quality products that are affordable! We have many customers wearing Hero’s Pride’s duty gear.”

— Zoe B.

Hero's Pride AIRTEK comfortable duty gear

Airtek Duty Gear

Outstanding Durability

  • 33E Hero’s Pride Technology for scratch resistance
  • High grades in ATSTM Abrasion Test
  • Multi-layer concentration for lasting durability
Lightweight Comfort, Durability, and Scratch Resistance — That's AirTek®

Airtek Duty Gear

Professional Appearance

  • Leather-like look and feel
  • Plain and basket weave finishes
  • Extensive snap color selection
    including Nickel, Brass, Black, and hidden

We've got answers

Frequently Asked Questions

HERO’S PRIDE® AIRTEK® Duty Gear is designed for easy care and minimal maintenance. Crafted with the finest materials and uncommon attention to detail, your gear will function and look great for years. To maximize longevity and functionality, here are some care and inspection guidelines:

Clean easily with a toothbrush or other soft brush and mild soap, like liquid dishwashing soap or antibacterial soap. Avoid abrasive or corrosive cleaners such as Brasso™ and acetone. For continuous salt-water exposure, wipe daily with a warm, barely damp cloth. If your gear was immersed in saltwater, rinse with warm water. Let air-dry.

Store in a wide variety of places and temperatures. Like with any material product, dry environments are best to avoid mold and mildew. Avoid continual storage in temperatures over 100° to avoid drying out and cracking.

Treat the leather underside of flaps and straps with most leather, non-lacquer conditioners, but avoid softening the leather by over-conditioning.