We Believe in the

Health & Wellness

of our First Responder Heroes

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Our Health & Wellness Mission

We are dedicated to becoming the most health-centric duty gear company in America.

We believe that one of the most important—and least addressed—issues that first responders face is their physical and mental wellbeing.

Every day, this career demands courage, sacrifice, and physical and mental fortitude. First responders are frequently engaged in tense situations, prioritizing the needs of others before their own. From physically and mentally demanding tasks, to heavy, cumbersome equipment, to long hours and erratic shifts, first responders deal with a monumental level of stress that’s rarely seen in other professions.


Hero’s Pride is committed to improving the lives of those who protect us by lessening, preventing, and resolving several of the most common health and wellness issues first responders face every day.



AirTek Opioid Antidote Injection or Nasal Spray Case

SKU: 1419Hero's Pride

MSRP: $37.00 $36.00 - $52.99



AirTek Tourniquet Holder

SKU: 1418Hero's Pride

MSRP: $48.38 $48.38 - $59.39



Ballistic Opioid Antidote Injection or Nasal Spray Case

SKU: 1119Hero's Pride

MSRP: $23.29 $24.69 - $35.99



Ballistic Tourniquet Holder (Fits 2-1/4″ Belt)

SKU: 1118Hero's Pride

MSRP: $37.85 $37.85 - $48.09


Innovative Health & Wellness Solutions

Revolutionizing Duty Gear

More than 60% of police officers experience back pain and the most common cause of this discomfort has been identified as duty belts. This is why, among many other innovations, Hero’s Pride has created AirTek: the lightest, most durable line of duty gear on the market—and our efforts do not stop there. Our team is continuously researching new products, new technologies, and new approaches to improve the health and wellness of our American heroes.

Supporting Our Health Community

Our health-centric approach includes a line of tourniquet holders and emergency response kits designed to enhance the effectiveness of first responders and address their immediate-care needs. We also believe in continued education for first responders to ensure that they are equipped to respond to any health-critical situation experienced by their partners or by citizens. We are also a proud contributor to breast cancer research, donating a portion of all proceeds from our exclusive “Pink Line” to the Susan G Komen Foundation.
Grey Arrows


First Responder Health & Wellness Products

At Hero’s Pride, we continue to research and apply new technologies in the development of more products within our health and wellness line. See below for Hero’s Pride products designed to respond to the demanding needs of first responders as they care for themselves, their teammates, and their communities.



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