Duty Rig Kits



Duty Rig Kits

Everything You Need—One Convenient Kit

Now you can shop our curated Rig Kit boxes, complete with all the core components of a dependable duty gear rig.

Experience the Benefits of Ballistic Duty Gear

Ballistic duty gear was designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement officers and security professionals.

Rig Kits Include:

R1234A & R1234B

*Rig Kits can be made without the belt if easier for logistics

Duty Gear

Designed for Law Enforcement

Hero’s Pride® offers innovative lines of duty gear exclusively designed for law enforcement officers and security professionals. We set out to address the common issues associated with most traditional duty gear: lack of comfort and durability.

However, we knew we wouldn’t be satisfied until we could understand—in detail—the on-duty and real-world effects these issues created. For us, there was only one way to gain this insight: we listened to our customers, dealers, and partner experts.

As a result of our research, including on-duty ride alongs and extensive product testing, we developed duty gear products that alleviate lower back pain and discomfort by making every part of the rig lighter. We also prioritized longevity of performance, making a product line that’s built to last without the need for costly gear replacement.  Most importantly, our gear gives law enforcement officers and security professionals guaranteed consistency and allows them to rely on the tools they need to keep them safe.

Your Safety is Our Mission