THE BENEFITS of BRANDED MerchandisERS for retailers

How Branded Merchandisers Help Traffic and Profitability for Retailers





As outlined in this article, branded merchandisers provide

  • $5 in return for every dollar spent
  • Increased focused on displayed merchandise
  • Increased time spent in-store
  • Additional sales

POP displays are effective because they appeal directly to how today’s buyers buy items. According to a research by “Point-of-Purchase Advertising International,” 82 percent of all final purchase choices are made in stores.


Additionally, the study found that, during a shopping trip, 62% of shoppers made at least one impulse buy, and, when shopping, 47 percent of people only utilized a mental list, and only 34% use a list at all.

In other words, the vast majority of shoppers make their final product purchases after they arrive at the store, and these customers are impulsive.

Why Add Branded Fixtures to Your Store is a Great Idea

Branded fixtures are inexpensive and, simply put, provide an incredible return on investment (ROI): The average Promotional Program Value (or PVV) for POP displays was 499%, according to the Shop! Association. Imagine that: Businesses can gain an average return of $4.99 in incremental sales for every $1 invested in a POP display!

Why Do Branded Fixtures Increase Retail Traffic and Sales

Our ability to focus has been directly damaged as the speed of life continues to rise. According to studies like this one, continual news feeds and a steady stream of video content have rewired our brains, and technology has reduced our attention span from 12 minutes to 5 minutes.

Organizations are now learning how to put these findings into practice, and they’ve begun to use retail displays and signage to boost marketing and increase profits.

Branded merchandisers allow products to be highlighted and grouped. They provide clear, immediate branding, and increase focus and attention. In doing so, branded merchandisers direct and channel consumer attention, and increase purchase intent.

Additionally, branded merchandisers are attractive, improving overall customer experience.

The Benefits of Branded Merchandisers

Hyper Focus

Branded merchandisers allow you to emphasize a certain product, collection, or brand with only one display. This allows you to capture the attention of a certain audience or consumer segment while also increasing brand awareness.


Extra visibility for products

The increased visibility of the products in branded merchandisers provides a natural attraction for retail visitors. Additionally, Hero’s Pride merchandisers all displays, to make sure that your store has the latest selection of highest-demand products.


Increased Sales

All of these advantages can lead to increased product discovery, larger purchase amounts, and an overall boost in sales.


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