Blair Dell talks about medical innovations for trauma care

Book Brilliant Podcast: Blair Dell, Fallujah, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Bags, and lots of books.

Learn how Blair is now training law enforcement and other first responders to use these life-saving products and techniques developed in the military in real-life scenarios.

Blair Dell

Blair Dell is a retired US Navy Corpsman who served as a member of Marine Reconnaissance, a Marine Special Operations Command, a Navy dive school instructor, and more.

As a subject matter expert in the field, when people ask me what are the two things I absolutely need to have, I would say a tourniquet… and a [heat sheet].

Previously, law enforcement was unable to carry tourniquets because they didn’t have a dedicated pouch on their duty belt. Hero’s Pride saw this gap as well. So we worked together to solve this and are saving a lot more lives because of [tourniquet cases].

[The] Industry can be part of the solution… it was about how can we help… and Hero’s Pride became a logical partner moving forward.

After serving over two decades in Special Operations Medicine and four combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, Blair now volunteers as a member of the Washington State Patrol SWAT Team and serves as a consultant teaching courses in Operational Medicine while also speaking on leadership and resilience.
Needless to say it was an absolute blast to have him on the show and highly informative. This is one of my favorite episodes so far because I think it has some of the most practical knowledge to walk away with, as well as the most books ever covered so far.

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