Learn more about Blair Dell – who helped develop Hero’s Pride innovative Tourniquet Cases

Blair Dell and Nelson Grant talk with Andy Stumpf talk about MSTOA, the Law Enforcement Casualty Care (LECC™) course, and the real life impact Hero’s Pride products have made in the field.

Blair Dell

Blair Dell has over two decades of experience in Special Operations Medicine as a member of Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command through four combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He has taught both medicine and tactics around the world and has extensive experience orienting topics towards what is most relevant to his students.


After retiring as a Senior Chief in the US Navy in 2016, he now volunteers as a member of the Washington State Patrol SWAT Team. He started 813 Consulting, LLC where he provides Research & Business Development, speaks on and trains Operational Medicine as well as Leadership and Resiliency.


Over the last 5 years, he has worked with BMK Ventures developing the Law Enforcement Casualty Care (LECC™) course that is credited with saving numerous lives and changing the way LEOs approach initial point of care injuries. The course is DOJ recognized and provides DHS certification, but more importantly, it is by cops-for-cops ensuring that tactics drive the medicine and all students are enabled to solve new problems.

Nelson Grant

Nelson Grant is a Sheriff’s Deputy and Search and Rescue Team member in the Flathead Valley. In addition to his current duties, he has previous experience on the SWAT Team and Narcotics Task Force.


When not on duty Nelson enjoys partaking in just about every activity that Northwestern Montana has to offer. Bowhunting, rifle hunting, river raft guiding, dual-sport motorcycle guiding, backcountry split boarding and skiing, touring, trekking, downhill mountain bike riding, jiu-jitsu, and more.

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