Real-Word Applications: Expert Insight from Blair Dell, Senior Chief (Ret.) US Navy

Hero’s Pride is dedicated to making products to support those who protect and serve. We make sure our products solve real-world issues by listening to people who are smarter than us. Consulting with boots on the ground – specialists like Blair Dell, (Ret.) US Navy; Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command, BMK Training Director – provides us with the most important insight: how we can help to protect public safety professionals.

No Ego...All In

What makes Blair Dell such a knowledgeable resource? As a career first responder and decorated military professional, Blair understands first hand the needs of our men and women in uniform. Blair began his career as a volunteer firefighter medic before serving twenty-one years in the U.S Navy. Then, dedicating his career to the military, Blair served as a reconnaissance corpsman, a Navy dive school instructor, and served four combat tours to Afghanistan and Iraq as a special operations independent duty corpsman before retiring as a senior chief out of the Navy. As a passionate military medic, Blair developed and supervised medical training equipment and protocols across all three operational battalions of Marine Special Operations Command. His research, development, testing, and evaluation of new medical equipment resulted in over 200 product evaluations and led to 127 new products being implemented into special operations medical equipment sets. Although Blair’s personal mantra, “No ego…all in” speaks to his belief that there is always something to learn and to improve upon, we’re willing to go out on a limb and call Blair a bona fide expert in the field of saving lives.

Train Like You Work, Work Like You Train

Today, Blair continues his work through a holistic approach to consulting for agencies nationwide. Working primarily with law enforcement, Blair’s business, 813 Consulting, is committed to developing medical training programs that educate departments on new technologies, resources, and techniques to improve their ability to treat the wounded in high-stress, emergency situations. Blair specializes in teaching skills that cross all spectrums of execution, including law enforcement, military, and EMS/Fire interaction as it relates to the rescue task force environment. Combining years of experience in both combat and medical treatment, trainees of all levels are given the tools needed to help one another survive under even the most dangerous circumstances. Blair’s specific skill set as a tactical care consultant has been accurately described as “the best training you will hopefully never need.”

As a consultant for BMK Ventures, Blair has long been a vocal advocate for a more aggressive and common application of the tourniquet. Having witnessed this tool’s indisputable power to save lives, Blair partnered with Hero’s Pride to develop our tourniquet holder, which attaches to a law enforcement officer’s duty belt, putting a tourniquet within arm’s reach at all times.

“If you’re not prepared to save yourself, you are a liability to your team. Without at least one tourniquet readily available on your body – preferably your belt – you have failed your teammates. Hero’s Pride has been an awesome partner in developing a viable solution to this problem. Where we keep our medical gear is just as important as what gear we carry. Choose wisely.”

Built Tough. Action Ready.

Our team at Hero’s Pride understands that in high-stress, emergency situations there is only one chance to get it right. That’s why we’re proud to work with committed servicemen and specialists like Blair Dell to continue to innovate and create the highest quality products available on the market. Our products are inspired by the heroes who wear them; dependable, intuitive, resilient and strong. We are constantly striving to better protect those who are working tirelessly to do the same for us. Your safety is our mission.