Patch Design Made Easy. Made Better.

Many elements of a design must be taken into account when creating a custom patch. The fabrication will affect its readability, contrast, durability, cost, and more. With 36 years of experience under our belt, our team knows patches like the backs of our hands and we walk customers through every step of the process from choosing patch type, border, backing and beyond.

“We have a trained eye for patches so we always work to educate the customer on their best options. Our experts ensure that everything is spelled correctly, images are clear and well-depicted, lettering is crisp, and colors are vibrant. We make patches people can be proud of.”


Twill Background: Twill Background patches are one of our most popular fabrications as they are both economical and versatile. The texture of embroidered elements stands out against the flat twill background of these sturdy and washable patches. You might have 50% or 75% of your twill background covered in raised embroidery.

100% Embroidered: A 100% Embroidered patch will have a hidden twill base and a design embroidered on top of that. The entire background of this patch is embroidered with a fill stitch available in a range of rich color options. Fully embroidered patches have beautiful texture and are a great option for high-contrast designs.

Woven: The thin threads of Woven patches make them an excellent choice for a design that calls for smaller lettering and finer details. Woven patches are made completely out of thread and do not require a twill fabric base. They have a smooth appearance as opposed to the raised, varying texture of an embroidered patch.

PVC: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) patches are extremely durable and ideal for outdoor applications. The unique, modern look of a PVC patch makes a bold statement. This type of patch is flexible, lightweight, and allows for Pantone color matching not available for thread-based or embroidered products.

Printed: Printed patches provide endless color options, super fine details, and photorealistic depictions of your designs. You can expect your printed patch to look very much like the photo it is created after. Using dye-sublimation, your image is printed in ink onto a blank twill fabric for a fade-proof, washable patch.


Twill Background, 100% Embroidered, and Woven patches all require a finished edge to complete the look and keep the patch from unraveling or fraying. You have two options when choosing a border: Merrow and Hot Knife.

Merrow Border: The majority of patches are made with a Merrow border created with an overlock stitch. This creates a soft, rounded edge that adds a bit of dimension to the perimeter of the patch.

Hot Knife Border: For patch shapes that require sharp points or corners, we suggest a die-cut Hot Knife border. Many people also prefer Hot Knife borders on ball caps because they sit extra flush against the cap and mimic direct embroidery.


The final consideration in the patch design process is to determine how you would ultimately like your patch to attach to a garment, gear bag, etc. Most customers choose to sew their patches on, but we also offer iron-on and peel-and-stick backings. All patches are made to be machine-washable, but if you would like the option to easily remove or swap out your patch, you can also opt for a hook-and-loop backing.


Whether you need to design a custom patch from scratch or order a reproduction of an existing patch, Hero’s Pride® makes the process quick and easy. You can expect sharp lettering, clean stitching, vibrant colors, and unparalleled attention to detail. Just send us your concept and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours. Our talented team will guide you through the design and production process to create an exceptional patch that exceeds your expectations.